Shemar Moore The Bounce Back

Catching up on The Bounce Back #thebounceback

Shemar Moore The Bounce Back

Whew!  This has been a hellva ride.  Lemme catch you up on whats been happening since I returned from LA for the Bounce Back blogger junket  We got back and got to work.  There were posts that needed to be written and a goal to attain.  $500,000 was within our reach and we were off to the races.

With the assistance of my fellow bloggers, we went to work.  And we had something to prove, not only to Hollywood but to ourselves.  See, nothing like this has ever happened before and we had a LOT of naysayers.  Contrary to blogger belief, there are a lotta folks who don’t believe in the power of social media.  Those folks who don’t believe that bloggers,  or Mom Bloggers especially, have the influence to get change made and have anyone notice.

(Uhmmm have they never met a Mom?  Don’t they realize how we run households, raise kids, the world and halfway keep our sanity with Pepsi’s and our favorite wine?  LOL)

So what happened?  Welp take a look at this

MOST funded film in Indiegogo history

*does happy dance around the room*

And it didn’t stop there. We also got…


(as of July 29, 2013) 
1. Veronica Mars Film – Kickstarter – $5.7M – campaign ended 91,585 funders 
2. Wish I Were Here – Zach Braff – Kickstarter $3.1 M – campaign ended – 46,520 funders 
3. Road Hard – Adam Corrolla – FundAnything $837,5K (campaign still running) – 8,571 funders 
4. The Bounce Back Film – Indiegogo – $601.6K (campaign still running) – 3037 funders 

…and our reach is still reaching.

We got to our $500K goal (YESSSSSS!) and the total is still rising.  As of the writing of this post, the total on the Indiegogo website is $547,139 (by the way, you can make a contribution to this campaign if you so choose, just click on this Indiegogo link).  You can also follow this journey of movie making  from funding to completion through TwitterFacebook, and the website.

As one of the original 40 bloggers on this journey, this entire process has been amazing! I stand with my fellow bloggers and count this as a major win for all of us because we continue to prove our naysayers wrong and we bloggers are showing that things can be done differently.  There is no more “well its always been done this way” arguments to be made and that benefits us all.

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  • Janeane Davis

    Congratulations on reaching and exceeding your goal with this project. I am very happy for you. In my experience, only the uninformed doubt the power of bloggers and of mom bloggers. Advertisers are increasingly recognizing the influence that bloggers have on their audiences and realizing that influence has a market value.

    • Marg

      And it was that reason alone that I was glad when the goal was reached. And now its turned a lot of folks in our direction.

  • Michelle

    That is awesome! Definitely an exciting project and love that bloggers will be a part of the journey! Can’t wait to read the updates and see the awesomeness of this project. (and drooling over Shemar Moore is definitely another plus!!!)

    • Marg

      It been a great experience and there will be more coming on the journey to the movie premiere so stay tuned. And thanks for stopping by.

  • Heather H

    Wow! You are a part of history! Yesterday, someone told me the average Kickstarter raise is $4,500.

    • Marg

      Oh really? I didnt realized that. Its been a great ride.

  • Arelis Cintron

    That is AWEsome Margaret! Team work can get anything done! This also shows how powerful bloggers can be to campaigns and raising funds for projects! Congrats!

    • Caroll

      Excellent Margaret! Great to know you have met and exceeded! What a blessing!

  • Irene Krasnoff

    Wow! I am impressed with how your project already exceeded its fund raising goals. You have demonstrated that with a clear goal, focus, and determination, you can achieved anything. Thanks for the inspiration.