Indulge LA – Los Angeles Chocolate and Pastry Show #IndulgeLA #NaBloPoMo


OK….so…OK uhmmm I may or may not have mentioned about my absolute love and admiration for damn near everything chocolate.  I mean how does one not like chocolate? *shrug* I mean is that like a real thing???? LOL  And with… Continue Reading


[Giveaway] Disney Live! is coming to the Bay Area #NaBloPoMo


I’m in the car over the weekend and a commercial came on about a event happening in February.  It was a little shocking to me and I had to think “wait, its November” LOL While I love the Holidays, I’m always… Continue Reading


That time I was at #ENMNCon15 conference


Whatta weekend! The past few days I was down in Los Angeles for #ENMNCon15, a training conference for bloggers in the entertainment and travel arenas to become better at what they do.  Lemme tell you about what happened.  Entertainment New… Continue Reading